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Уникальная методика обучения
английскому языку детей от 3-х лет


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Санкт-Петербург, ул. 
Смоленская д.9   Бизнес центр "Оптима", офис №325
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Enrol on a Jolly Phonics On-line training course today!

Unlock the full potential of the programme with this course.

Best online course I have ever completed. Really excellent and so practical, would highly recommend the course to others

What does the course cover?

Many teachers from around the world have successfully completed
this Jolly Phonics On-Line training course over the past two years. Whether
you are a teacher currently using Jolly Phonics or planning to introduce
the programme to your school, this course will equip you with the
skills, knowledge and understanding you need to teach the programme
effectively in your class.

The on-line course is divided into 5 modules, each dealing with a
different aspect of Jolly Phonics :

  • Module 1 - covers the history of literacy teaching and evaluates
    the various methods used to teach reading and writing over the

  • Module 2 - introduces Jolly Phonics and explains the five basic
    skills that are taught in the programme

  • Module 3 - gives practical teaching advice, explaining how all the
    five skills can be incorporated into daily lessons and the pace of

  • Module 4 - discusses tried and tested techniques that can be
    used for teaching children that are struggling

  • Module 5 - looks at research studies, which have examined the
    various methods used to teach literacy

Active interaction from course tutors provides guidance and feedback for all teachers. Modules can be done in any order, each ending with a question or assignment that needs to be completed.

How much is the course? 

  • £89 for the British English course
  • $149 for the American English course
  • €99 for the course in the Republic of Ireland

How to enrol?

Simply go to to enrol and pay for the course.

Thank you for a very informative course. I appreciated the flexibility of doing it in my own time and at my own pace.

I found this course fantastic. I was amazed at how easy it was to follow and how clear the instructions were.


Who is the course suitable for?

Ideal for the teacher who wants to gain a thorough understanding of the principles of Jolly Phonics.

Why take a training course?

To help you achieve the most out of the Jolly Phonics programme and the benefits that it can bring to your teaching in class.

Where does the course take place?

The course is delivered online and can be taken in the comfort and convenience of your own home or classroom.

How long is the course?

20 hours, spread over 5 modules, each containing 4 hours of engagement.

How much is the course?

£89 for the British English course, $149 for the American English course or €99 for the course in the Republic of Ireland. Individual teachers can purchase a single course or schools can enrol a group of staff.

What is the course content?

Packed with audio, text and digital footage, this course provides an interactive way to study.

How do I enrol? 

Simply go to to register and pay your course fee by credit/debit card. It could not be easier to start the course. Alternatively you can also register for the course using the order form at the back of the catalogue. If you use this form, your school will be invoiced. Be sure to give an email address for each teacher enrolling, so they can receive their license number.

When can I take the course?

Right now, simply enrol on-line to begin the course.

What do I receive?

Upon successful course completion, a certificate and personal study record is sent to you.


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